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Gainesville is growing and many homeowners are wanting to update their kitchens and bathrooms. Take the worry out of your plumbing design by hiring someone local who will treat your project as if it is their own.

From small projects to large renovations, we can help you handle the permitting and pass any inspections.

Give your kitchen or bathroom the upgrade of your dreams knowing that water problems will be the least of your worries.

When you call us, you can expect:

  • A thorough walk-through and understanding of your project
  • An honest quote
  • An understanding this project is your dream and we’ll treat it as such
  • Easy to get a hold of

Look no further for your plumber in Gainesville, GA than us. We’re excited to show you how we aim to be #1.

We are fully qualified and experienced to address any small concern or consult with you on your upcoming remodel project. We will ensure that the work on your kitchen or bathroom is done promptly, properly, and with a high degree of care.  We provide fast, professional plumbing services in Gainesville, GA and the surrounding cites.

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Kitchen Plumbing Frequent Questions


How can I increase the water pressure in my kitchen sink?

There are many factors that can cause low water pressure in your tap. Check the emergency shutoff located underneath your sink and make sure it’s fully open. After that, check the rubber washers or seals to see if they have started to deteriorate. Finally, calcium and lime buildup could be causing low water pressure. Call us in and we can help you improve your water pressure.


What should I do to take care of my kitchen sink?

Periodically check under your sink for moisture or small leaks. You will want to get these fixed as quick as possible so that you’re not wasting any water. This could increase your water bill cost, and nobody wants that! You will also want to fix this quickly as the water could damage your fixtures and pipes. Also, remove and clean your tap aerators annually to ensure that the flow of water is even. Make sure overflow holes on tubs and vanities are clear and open to prevent water damage to the floor. If you need anymore advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


What should I do if I have a burst pipe?

A burst pipe is classified as a water emergency. At the very least, know where your water shutoff valves are (inside and outside your home). This can cause serious damage to your home’s structure and electrical wiring. If you discover a burst pipe in your home, follow these steps:

  • Turn off the valve for the appliance. Most can be found near the appliance such as under the kitchen sink or where the service pipe enters your home.
  • Drain the system. You will need to turn on all of your cold taps. If hot water is also connected, close the hot water valves at your water heater and drain the system.
  • Turn off your electrical devices and appliances. If water leaks near your electrical devices or appliances, switch off the mains immediately.

Once you have followed these steps, give us a call and we will try to come and fix the issue as soon as possible.

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We can help you with changing the tap on your sink or fitting an entire new bathroom. We can provide a design guidance, and install service for your bathroom.  We are happy to work alongside other qualified tradesmen to ensure that all work is done properly and on schedule.  We will consult with you for the best outcome, whether that’s a traditional look or a modern look for your bathroom, we will deliver with professionalism and efficiency.

Bathroom Plumbing Frequent Questions


Will the Gainesville Plumber install a new tap in my bathroom?

Yes we will install a new tap in your bathroom. We will do everything to ensure that your bathroom is complete if you’re looking for a new bathroom. If the problem is that your tap is broken or leaking, we will happily replace it for you. If you’re looking to do this job yourself, that’s perfectly fine too. Get in contact with us and we can quote you on how much a replacement tap will cost with and without installation, so that you can easily make your choice.


How do I know if I need a new faucet?

Some signs that you might have a faulty faucet are constant dripping, leaking handles, problems with your shower or rust. If you find that your tap is constantly dripping water, even when the water is off, then something is definitely wrong. After a long time, some handles may begin to leak at the base which can be caused by a degrading pipe. Often a shower and bath tap will be connected to the same water supply, so if you have the shower on and notice water dripping out of the bath tap, you may need to replace it or have it repaired. Simply from old age, some taps can start to rust. Regular cleaning can prevent any build-up over time, however if your tap is rusting then it probably does need replacing. If there’s anything we can help with regarding your bathroom taps, get in touch.


What are the best options for someone looking to save money on bathroom plumbing?

You could look at getting a high-efficiency toilet for your bathroom. This will lower the costs of your water bill as the toilet can operate with the plumbing system at its most efficient level. You could also get a thermostatic shower faucet. A thermostatic shower valve is a system that allows you to set the temperature for your shower. This will allow you to save on your water-heating bill. If you’re someone who likes to have a bath, maybe have a shower instead. The average bath uses upward of 50 gallons of water, so using a shower will save you lots of money on your water bill. If you need anymore tips, get in contact with us, we can figure out what you need whilst saving you money.


How do I test if my toilet is leaking?

On the assumption that your toilet is leaking, the easiest way to check would be your overflow pipe in the tank. Look in the tank and check that the water level isn’t above the overflow pipe. If it is, then you might have a problem with your fill valve. It may be that you see water going down the toilet bowl when it hasn’t been flushed, if so you could have a leak. If your toilet is making lots of noise, then you probably have a leak. Another way that you can check is by dropping a dye tablet or some food coloring into the tank. Once you have done so, give it 20 minutes then go back to the toilet. If you look in the toilet bowl (not the tank) and see colored water, you have a leak.